Thursday, December 19, 2013

Big Scary Gym

Hey there fitness fanatics!!

Do you have a gym membership? I had a gym membership with Gold's Gym (before we moved), because I wanted to be able to keep putting 100% into my workouts. You see, my husband is in the military, and he is away for a while, and my 2 kids are far from self sufficient. I cant seem to workout at home without having to play referee every 5 minutes. The gym was my answer. They have a daycare, so my kids can be refereed by someone else, and mommy gets her 2 hours to sweat like miss piggy - But let's be real for a second....

The gym is intimidating, have you ever noticed that? You walk in, and immediately you see all of the super fit staff, the pictures of super fit people on the walls, the people on the cardio machines who look like they own the place, and the big buff dudes pumping iron. No one talks, because they all have headphones in, so you cant break the awkward ice. You feel like the whole place is watching you walk from the front door, to the locker room, right? It's like the first day of school all over again, only its everyday. It's totally intimidating walking over to the weights section and having 10 hulks watch your every repetition, your every set, and your every mistake. Everyone looks like they know exactly what theyre doing, and you feel a little lost. I know that feeling! 

I learned a few things about the gym though over time. First of all, the dudes in the weights section are NOT watching your reps. Honestly, if they even look over at you, they are impressed that you aren't the "cardio only" type of person that they often joke about. Second, all of the people on the treadmills and ellipticals who look like they own the place, are probably too distracted by their music with their headphones on to even notice you are there, let alone judge you. Lastly, everyone who walks into the gym has to make that walk from the front door to the locker room. Everyone has to face that nerve wrecking feeling of others who look like they are doing it better. Chances are, 90% of the people in the gym have that same intimidated feeling, but they cover it up with headphones and a good routine. 

You really get used to the place after a while, and it stops feeling so intimidating, I promise. I cant promise thay people will become more social there, but you learn to not be so worried about that. My point is, stick with it! Your results do not depend on others, and should not be hindered by others. Everything is scary at first, and ultimately, you learn to face your fears and spread your wings. Step out of your comfort zone mama! I love my gym, because I get to remember why I love my body when I'm there. I'm reminded just how strong I am, and I learn that I am a little stronger than I thought, everyday. It's not scary if you are ready, and no one there wants to see you fail. Everyone there has the same goal as you, to lower their body fat percentage, and to look good, and to have awesome health. 

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Remember that, and see you at the gym!


  1. You know what's funny, Now that I'm older, I've gone back to the gyms, and I do feel a tad bit of intimidation. But I know a lot of it is ego, and self doubt, as I try to keep up with the "masses." I did have to take a step back and understand that I'm older, and not a spring chicken, and I'm doing this for health, and longevity, and not my own ego. When you give yourself some reality and accountability, everything becomes clearer. Love this blog. Keep up the great work!

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