Thursday, December 19, 2013

Half naked women on my facebook

Hi again fit-peeps!

I noticed something today on my Facebook that I thought was a bit funny. In my journey to losing weight, I had "liked" so many other fitness motivation pages, that my news feed is literally covered with half naked women at all times of the day. The occasional half naked men are popping up as well, but it is mostly women as they apply to my goals (obviously lol.) I decided to challenge this for a second and scroll down my news feed for 1 minute and count how many half-naked bodies I pass in that time frame. I passed 57 half naked bodies, and none of them were from my "friends list." <--thank gosh, that might cross "the line."

It occurred to me, that this was somehow a double standard. If my husband's feed were covered in half naked women, well I might get a little jealous (I might also think it was cool, but I havent been put in this situation before.) On the other hand, if his feed were covered in half naked men, well I would start to worry that he was not interested in, anymore. (and that would be bad, because my anatomy looks better now that I have lost weight.)

Back to my news feed though, I have like 130 something friends on facebook, and yet 90% of the updates I see come from these fitness pages. I have either liked wayyyyyyyyyyy too many pages and become obsessed causing it to drown out the everyday drama of the friends list, or everyone has stopped updating their status. I spend almost the entirety of my day doing something fitness related, whether I am at the gym, cooking healthy, posting in a motivational group, coaching someone else who asks for help, or writting a blog about my fitness journey. Is that obsessed? Is that normal?

Personally, this works for me. My news feed will continue to be covered in overly perfect half naked women, because it reminds me why I started - to be a role model (not to be confused with an actual model, lets be realistic here.) If you are motivated by something, embrace it. I see no reason to be ashamed of my weird news feed, even though others see it as overly obsessed. This is what works for me, and I am clearly doing something right. Find what works for you, and cling to it, because your life DOES depend on it. I want to live to be 100 without a walker, and without a heart transplant and hip replacements, don't you? I leave you with this for tonight: “Get going. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Don't just sit on the runway and hope someone will come along and push the airplane. It simply won't happen. Change your attitude and gain some altitude. Believe me, you'll love it up here.” -Donald Trump


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