Thursday, December 19, 2013

That Cardio Wedgie

Good afternoon everyone!

I recently got over the stomach flu so I was MIA at the gym for a few days. I had it bad too, I was sick from both ends and weak and dizzy. Trust me - the last thing I wanted was to go to the gym, and face a sudden "urge" on one of the machines, and thats from EITHER end! So I played it safe and stayed home. Call me a nervous nelly, but it was the safest route!

So I have one question, have you ever gone to the gym, and gotten a wedgie during cardio, and if so, What do you do? I was on the treadmill (or elliptical, or stair climber, etc) and I have my pace set. I'm working up a sweat, and I'm aweful proud of my pace, and then it hits me... I start to feel a creeping movement from my underwear, and I know whats about to happen. I look around, and there are just too many people around for me to reach back and prevent, so I ignore it for a bit. The creeping gets worse, and soon I have a full blown wedgie that pulls with every movement I make. This makes cardio REALLY REALLY uncomfortable and hard to ignore. Suddenly I cant just listen to my music and let 45 minutes fly by because my brain is thinking "INTRUDER ALERT!! INTRUDER ALERT!!"

I try to make different movements, hoping it might help get the underwear out of my grand canyon, like moving my hips to one side or the other, and squatting just a tad bit. As expected, it doesnt help, and I knew it wouldnt. I usually just finish up my time, uncomfortable, and then head to the locker room to pick that monster. Since then, I dont usually wear anything but the "no wedgie guaranteed" underwear to the gym, or I go without (especially in yoga pants... you do NOT wear underwear in yoga pants.) So far, that has been an ok solution.

There are all kinds of things that we worry so much about that get in the way of our progress. We cant let a wedgie, or the urge to let one rip, or badly fitting sweat pants get in the way of our progress. In the end, these things really were nothing more than a funny story to look back on. Lets remember that today while we are doing our thing, so that nothing short of an emergency blowout can lessen our intensity. We are strong, and honestly, I would rather have the wedgie than have all of that weight back. :)