Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why Do People FAIL in Weight Loss?

Good morning fitness nation!! I decided this morning was a good time to bring up the reasons why most people fail in their journey to a better body. I see these everyday from countless people, and they drive me nuts! I should admit though, there was a point in time when I was failing as well. If any of these sound familiar, dont take it personally, just understand that most of us see right through  it :)

So you're on a "diet." Your Facebook status says so, and you're always going on and on about how you are excited to be on this new "diet." Here goes.
"I've been good all day, I can eat this WHOLE pizza to myself and then have 5 gallons of ice cream for dessert." That food you just devoured as a reward, has calories. LOTS of calories! You are not supposed to reward yourself everyday, that defeats the purpose of having a caloric deficit. In turn, you will be 2 weeks into your "diet" and have probably gained weight.
"Oh my gosh Becky, I will never try that diet again! Dieting made me GAIN weight!!" No sweety, it was the lack of discipline that made you gain weight. What you eat in private, you wear in public.

Lets name off every excuse I can think of. Then I'm going to bust them.

1) I am just big boned/curvy. If you took an x-ray of your bones, you would discover that your bones are not a size 20. Being 300 pounds has NOTHING to do with your bones, it has everything to do with how you eat.
2) I dont have a workout buddy, so I cant go to the gym. Since when did losing weight on YOUR body become someone elses job? They aren't going to do it for you, learn to be independent, because in the end, you will learn that others HOLD YOU BACK. Stop relying on others for you to succeed in YOUR tasks.
3) I cant afford the gym membership. So go outside! Do you know how many times I've taken my kids to the park and did bench dips, squats, sprints, lunges, etc on the park equipment while they played? Easy.
4) I'm fat because my parents are fat, it's genetic. No, Your parents are fat because of the food they choose to eat. You are not them, you can choose to eat better, and move more. Weight loss is simply calories in versus calories out. Eat less calories than you burn and you lose. Boom. Its not mommy's fault.
5) I'm on a medicine that makes me fat. Really, youre 280 pounds because of the medicine? Not because of the 6 doughnuts and soda you just posted on Facebook as your "Breakfast of Champions?" I call B.S.!
6) I have kids, so I wouldn't have time. Well, I have 2 kids (3 if you count my husband) and they're both under the age of 5. As I mentioned above, I take them to the park! I improvise! I go on walks with the stroller. I dance in my living room. My kids dont have to eat the foods I eat, no fight needed.
7) I work all day and then I'm too tired. Did you know you can do 5 minutes of intense cardio to create up to a 200 calorie after burn? Do you REALLY not have even 5 minutes? Yep. That's what I thought.
8) I found a new diet pill that says I dont have to eat right or workout. Really? Guess what I just found? I found a magical penny that grows a money tree if I plant it. I'ts not working, I dont know what I'm doing wrong!!! Oiy. Seriously, don't you think the WHOLE WORLD would be thin and fit if it was as easy as taking a pill? Stop relying on other things to do the work for you. YOU have to put in the work.

So I'm sure there's a thousand other excuses out there, but my point in all of this, is that there really is no excuse. I can negate anything you throw at me, because I got over the excuse phase. I have lost 60 pounds so far, and I did that by admitting that I was overweight, and being HONEST with myself about why I was overweight, and then sticking to my plan to lose it! I was accountable for my mistakes (which DO happen) and I suffered the consequences and moved forward. I ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD!!!