Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Change Your Life in One Week Challenge

Hey there fitness friends!!!

With all of the challenges circulating through social media recently, I decided to offer up a challenge of my own. So if you are reading this, you have probably witnessed my own life transformation, which was certainly not easy, and is certainly not done yet. I have lost 70 pounds! I get email after email each week from people I don't even know, who just want to know where to start, and I am always thrilled to help someone with the desire to better themselves.

Here is my challenge to you, all of you! I challenge you, to dedicate ONE week to your health. A single week, dedicated to getting a little more active, and following in my footsteps. Just one little week, of looking a little closer at your nutrition, and reaping more benefits than you knew possible. I challenge you, to put your health first, for just one week!

Why just a week? There is certainly a lot of thought behind this challenge, and while you will not lose 70 pounds in one week, the amount of change that will happen is tremendous.  A week is easy to commit to. when you ask someone to dedicate the rest of their lives to a new change, they crawl back into that shell because that is a scary request! I believe wholeheartedly in taking things one step at a time. What actually happens in that week is amazing though! You start to ask questions, and to learn how to track your macros. You start to move your body a little more, and you enjoy that accomplished feeling you are left with after each workout, no matter how small (even just a walk!) You start to get into a routine, where your life no longer revolves around food and eating, but around your kids, your spouse, your goals, etc and you learn what it really means to eat to live, not live to eat! At the end of that week, imagine how it will feel to see a few pounds fall off of the scale, and to be able to understand how you did it!

One week turns into 2, which turns into 4 which turns into more and more. If you have the desire to make a better and healthier you, and you are willing to learn and willing to try, there is no way you can fail. So what do you say, can you give me one week?



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