Saturday, September 20, 2014

50 Creative Ways to Burn Calories

Good afternoon Fit-Fam!

I decided to put together a list of 50 creative ways to burn calories, for those of you who may just not feel like heading to the gym today. How creative can we get? How many calories can we burn?

1) When unloading the dishwasher, put the dishes away one by one. More steps = more calories!
2) Fold laundry downstairs, and bring each item upstairs to put away one by one. Stairs baby!!
3) Dance your butt off. Turn your TV to the Y2K station (or pandora) and just let loose!
4) Run in place when you catch yourself standing still. Great heart rate booster!
5) Watching tv? Do jumping jacks during the commercials. No need to fast forward through them.
6) Carry a 20 pound weight with you each time you go up or down the stairs in your home.
7) Jump rope! It only takes about 7 minutes to burn as much as 100 calories jumping rope.
8) Not good at jumping rope? Jump in place!
9) Cartwheels! Personally, I have NO clue how to do them. But if I did,  would do them all the time!
10) Wrestle with the kids! You will be surprised how quickly you run out of breath!
11) Cleaning? do a REAL squat each time you need to bend down for something.
12) When going up stairs, skip a step to challenge your muscles! Sprint them if you dare!
13)  Take the kids to the park - and walk in circles around the park while they play.
14) Run through the playground as fast as you can. Make it a race with your kids!
15) Swing at a park. No, really!! Get on the swing, and pump those legs!
16) Each time you sit down, do 20 jumping jacks beforehand.
17) Hula Hoop! How long has it been since you have hula hooped?
18) When sitting at your desk, do single calf raises. Everyone loves great calves!
19) Skip around your house. The extra movement is fun, and burns pretty nicely!
20) Go on a cleaning spree. People who "deep clean" their house can burn up to 500 calories!
21) Throwing something away? Take it to the big can outside rather than the one in your kitchen.
22) Do push ups against the kitchen counter while you wait for the microwave to finish.
23) Run to the mailbox instead of walking. Come on, its not that far.
24) Play frisbee with the dog. The furry family is typically happy to help!
25) Walk the dog! A 10-20 minute walk can create a GREAT after burn for the day.
26) Grab a friend and the stroller, and walk and talk! Time flies when youre chatting away!
27) LAUGH! Laughing works your abdominal muscles and an hour of laughing will feel GREAT!
28) Rake the leaves into a pile for the kids to jump in! Rake them up again, and again!
29) Run through the sprinklers on a hot day! It's a great way to cool down, and burn calories.
30) Climb a tree. Can you still climb a tree? How about going outside and finding out!
31) Rearrange the house. A change in scenery, AND a workout all in one!
32) Jump on the trampoline! Did you know bouncing/jumping is a natural way to boost your mood?
33) Play tag! Running is a lot more fun when you are being chased by friends and family.
34) Do mini sit ups while sitting in a chair. Elevate your feet for a bigger challenge.
35) Put a few weight plates in a backpack and simply carry them around with you.
36) Each time you pick something up from the floor, do a burpee.
37) Vacuum your floor on the lowest setting. This makes the vacuum harder to push.
38) Build something! A dog house, a shelf, a bench, it doesnt matter, just build something!
39) Play dress up! You would be surprised how much movement it takes to do this!
40) Take your time in the grocery store. Walk up and down each aisle!
41) Arm wrestle your spouse. Be sure to try with both arms so one doesnt get jealous :)
42) Run alongside your kids while they are on their bikes. Or walk... Whichever!
43) Stand up instead of sitting down. It's not so terrible to stand, I promise.
44) Do sit ups in the bath tub. The water will create resistance that makes it more difficult.
45) Get romantic with your spouse! It's no secret that sex burns quite a few calories!
46) Pace the room while on the telephone. The extra steps you will take can really add up!
47) Do tricep dips off of a dining room chair, or the edge of the couch while watching TV.
48) Still watching TV? On the floor, flutter your legs up and down with hands under your butt.
49) Sing at the top of your lungs all afternoon. You will have to tighten your core muscles for this!
50) Just be crazy for 5 minutes. Kick the air like a ninja, jump up and down, spin in circles, do anything and everything you can think of to get yourself out of breath for just FIVE minutes!

I firmly believe you can turn anything into a great workout. There are always great ways to make any activity more beneficial for your body. Good night fit-fam!


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