Sunday, October 12, 2014

Get off of The Nail Already!

Good evening friends! 

Several years back, I heard a story that really resonated with me and has stuck in my mind since then. I wanted to share it with you, realizing that many of you are probably guilty of this. :)

I was walking down the street and happened to see an old man sitting on his porch. Next to the old man was his dog, who was whimpering, moaning and groaning. I asked the man, "What's wrong with your dog?" The man replied, "He's lying on a nail." I then asked "Lying on a nail?, Well why doesn't he just get up?" The man then replied, "It hurts him enough to whimper, but not bad enough for him to move." 

With this in mind, I look at health. Before I decided to become a health nut, I was not happy with my body. I would complain and whine, and be miserable, but I was not doing anything to make the changes that would SOLVE my problem. I was basically lying on a nail. In hindsight, I can admit that it was easier to whine and complain about my weight than it was to get up and step outside of my comfort zone. I can also admit, that I had no idea where I was supposed to start, or what I was even doing once I decided to take that first step. 

I know a lot of you who are not happy with your health, and who simply sit on that nail because the idea of taking a step off of it is scary. I am here to invite you off of the nail! Imagine all of the amazing things you might be able to do if you try! Imagine all of the people you could inspire! Imagine the positive example you could set for your kids, grand kids, friends, and everyone! You do not have to stay on the nail. So if you ever find yourself feeling like you are unhappy with your health, but not quite unhappy enough to make a change, remember that it only takes one step at a time. You are in charge of your story!