Thursday, January 1, 2015

Those Damn Poop Eating Skinny People

Happy New Year fitness nation!

Have you ever been in the gym and felt so out of place and so lost and so awkward that you looked around frequently to see who might be looking at you? Watching you? Judging you? Surely SOMEONE has to be doing so, because they're all mean. Skinny people are evil right? Those evil mean skinny people! They just want to laugh at people with all of their skinniness because they must just be awful! Wait..... Why are you trying to be skinny if that's how you think ALL skinny people are? Those damn evil poop eating skinny people....

I don't refer to myself as skinny, I prefer healthy, because I think I'm normal. If my headphones are in, and I don't smile and talk to you, understand that I'm not being rude. Understand that I go to the gym  with a purpose, and that I need to focus in order to do what I set out to do. When you have headphones in, and you cant hear what is going on around you, it makes it awkward to make eye contact with someone because you have zero idea WHAT you just jumped into. I don't want to see your soul, nor do I want to look you in the eye while I'm sweating and panting and uncomfortable! I typically just look away when this happens.

So if you are across the gym, feeling insecure, looking around to see who is looking at you, and you notice me looking up at you for a brief moment, understand that I'm not staring at you, judging you, making fun of you, or even thinking about you. I probably needed to look up for a second to adjust my eyes after staring at the same spot on the wall trying to focus while running. Seriously... I cant run without TONS of focus lol.

I wish you all the most amazing success with this new year, and remember, while at the gym, to focus on YOU and your story. Everyone in that gym started somewhere, and the vast majority of them are not out to get you. Now go get 'em!!! Make your dreams come true! :)